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River and Rock Day

Spend a day looking at how the landscape is formed.  The day will be spent in either the Yorkshire Dales or Coniston.  In the Dales we will look at the Limestone Pavements and how Yorkshire has been formed due to Glaciation before heading underground to explore the world of stalactities and stalagmites.  The caves are a fantastic way to learn and understand the affects of rivers shaping the environment.  Groups can see for themselves how the caves have formed over millions of years and how they are still developing today.  It is a great way to see geology in action, whilst having good fun discovering a whole new world.

In Coniston we combine Ghyll Scrambling and Abseiling with looking at the local environment and how it has developed.  Similar to the Caving, we can see how the river that we go Ghyll Scrambling in has shaped the environment that it flows through.  The abseil site is a good example of slate, and how it has been used by man as a building material as the area has been quarried.