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Watersports Day

Key Stage 2 - 4

Aim: To have a go at a new sport, develop team work and to put scientific knowledge into action by looking at how the wind, forces and energy will affect the speed and movement of the boat.

Introduction: A great day out on the biggest Lake in England, in a stunning location.

What we can offer: A fun day of learning new skills. The morning will be spent Open Canoeing followed by an afternoon of Raft Building with a couple of simple team challenges.

For the canoeing we spend some time in the bay learning and practicing paddle strokes. We will then play a few games to help increase confidence before going on a short journey. If it is a windy day we may even paddle upwind and sail back to the bay. It is possible to get students from year 6 upwards through a basic paddling qualification within a ½ day session. We can bring in the students scientific knowledge by discussing how the energy for the strokes is transmitted through the paddle and looking at the various forces involved.

The afternoon will include a few ice breakers that involve team work, to help the pupils begin working as a team and using each members own individual skills. They will then be briefed for Raft Building, discuss safety issues they should take into account whilst building their raft and shown some useful knots. The students will then build their raft and then as a team test it on the water ending with a race against the other teams. It is possible to tie the raft building in with design technology as they design it, build it and then test it on the lake.

Learning Outcomes: To finish the day having learnt: the beginnings of a new sport, worked with people the pupils may not normally work with, have developed team work skills, gained a greater understanding of physics and how it can be applied to paddling.

Cost: Please phone for a quote.

Transport: A quote can be arranged on request