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Key Stage 3 - 4

Aim: To learn some practical bush craft skills to help in future life

Introduction: We work within a 400 acre forest full of native trees to the UK.  The site has potential for learning to navigate with maps, learn to build shelters to sleep in/hide from the rain, practice making fires from scratch – finding appropriate wood, cutting it to size and then using a flint and steel to light it, cooking over an open fire and learning how to whittle.  Depending on the time of year students may learn how to make a whistle from natural resources, make themselves a tent peg, learn how to tie square lashings and other useful day to day knots or produce homemade string from stinging nettles.

What we can offer: A day of practical skills.  An example day might be:

Learning Outcomes: A fun day out learning some of the forgotten skills due to the lifestyles we now lead and in a society where everything is readily available and taken for granted.

Cost: Please phone for a quote

Transport: Quotes can be arranged for mini buses and coaches.