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Limestone Day

Key Stage 2 - 4

Aim: To learn about the local Limestone areas and how the Limestone you see has come to look like it has.

Introduction: Just over the borders in Yorkshire are some fantastic opportunities to look at the local limestone pavements and cave systems. These are both brilliant examples of how the solubility of limestone in rain water can be shaped into caves, crags and pavements. It is a great chance for pupils to see firsthand what they have been learning in the classroom.

What we can offer: A day exploring the limestone environment which Yorkshire is famous for. We can spend half the day caving - looking at some of the cave systems and how they have been formed and the other half rock climbing on limestone crags which also offer great examples of limestone pavements and examples of how the rock gets shaped by the weather. Limestone pavements are now protected by law in the UK as they provide a unique habitat for many species and are becoming globally rare.

Learning Outcomes: To see and understand how Limestone can dissolve with rain water to create:

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