On the Rocks



We offer a number of options including the 'real thing' learning on one of South Lakeland's scenic outcrops or trying longer multi-pitch mountain routes in the heart of the Lake District. We also have a mobile climbing tower which can be taken to hotels, schools and events. For the cooler months we use Lakeland's well developed indoor climbing walls.



A popular and thrilling activity - walking off a cliff backwards and living to tell the tale. We have the skill to give you the best experience with sites ranging from small easy angled slabs for youngsters to steeper longer drops for the daring. Session approx. 2hrs.  


Mega Abseiling

For the thrill seeker we can offer a memorable Lakeland experience abseiling into a spectacular slate quarry. After an initial training abseil (60ft) the adventure continues with a 120ft descent down the main face of the quarry, the last part of which is free hanging (our feet will not touch the rock). Minimum age 16. Session approx. 3.5hrsF


Sea Cliff Traversing  

A gem for younger adventurers. Scrambling along a seaside limestone promontory on the Cartmel Lakeland Peninsula, is a great introduction to the pastime - set your own challenge level; staying out of the water (or not), exploring the little cave etc. Session approx. 2hrs - £35 for adults and £30 for children.


Rock Scrambling 

Climbing without a rope - sounds daft? It's not a bad as it sounds - scrambling up boulders and rocky slabs of easy grade rock can be great fun. Suitable for those who feel confident on steep slopes, scrambling challenges can generally be climbed or walked round (and we do carry a rope!). A great way to ascend one of the small craggy knolls on the edges of the Lakeland valleys. Session approx. 3hrs


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On the water



Tandem open canoes are a great way to get out and about on the water and are popular with anyone wanting a canoeing rather than swimming experience! For longer trips, greater stability and speed we can catamaran the boats, and even add a sail. We use mainly Windermere and Coniston lakes but also have a mobile fleet that can go anywhere.  



Single seat closed cockpit boats popular with those who are not afraid to fall in although this is generally an optional extra and not a necessity! Great for youth groups, families, and adults who like a bit of fun. Trips along the lake shore, games, paddle skills, safety, rescue and star tests. Wet suits are available for hire - £4 each. Recommended in the colder months!


Raft Building and Races

This is a very popular activity with those who enjoy some competitive light hearted fun. Build your own barrel and log craft, then test of it's sea-worthiness, will it hold your crew or dunk them? A short voyage along the lake shore to develop your crew and then it's a head-to-head race to the finish line, best team wins of course! Popular with all ages, it needs at least 4 people to paddle a raft, (more if children).
Wet suits available for hire (£4 each)


Wild Canoeing

Journey quietly along the shoreline of the lake and you will see a range of wildlife; in addition to water fowl and the circling buzzards; avoiding the lesser spotted tourist greatly increases your chances of seeing squirrels and deer in the woods along the lakeshore. Cooking a simple backwoods meal or brewing up afternoon tea is also an option. Prices from £40pp or £65pp including cooking your own 2 course lunch over an open fire.


Canoe Journey with Bushcraft

Learn the basics of how to light a fire and some simple cooking techniques then paddle off across the lake and create your own 'wilderness' experience are you skilled enough to produce a hot drink on a open fire and serve it with your own freshly made scones and jam? A swim from the island rocks is also a popular part of this activity. Normal session 4 hours, suitable for fire-aware children or over 9ys.


White Water Canoeing

In the wetter months there are opportunities for easy white water river descents. Ideal for those who have tried canoeing before or those who like a challenge. Grade 1 & 2 rivers are used with generally straight forward rapids and shoots. The choice of venue will depend on the river levels. For groups with inexperienced members we use open canoes, more experienced groups sometimes opt for kayaks.I

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In the Gorge


Gorge Walking  (or Ghyll Scrambling)

Call it what you will it is definitely NOT a walk! A great way to experience the Lakeland scenery scrambling up a spectacular mountain beck : traverse deep pools, climb small waterfalls, swim and jump in when you feel like it - it is a wet activity! Water levels obviously affect this activity and the fun is adjusted accordingly.


Mountain Ghyll Scrambling

For those who would prefer a slightly drier option we recommend a scramble up a mountain ghyll; while it will still involve wet feet - it is not the total immersion experience of gorge walking or canyoning! Mountain standard footwear/jackets will be needed for walking down the path afterwards. Also a good introduction for those wanting to become self sufficient in this activity. Session approx 3hrs or all day



Canyoning is an exhilarating way to spend your day. The day begins with a training abseil session in a nearby quarry, which allows us to complete a longer stretch of the Canyon. We then enter the canyon and jump, slide and abseil down spectacular waterfalls, surrounded by dramatic Lake District fells. Half days are possible but don't include the abseils. Minimum age generally 16. Wet suits provided.



Descend some spectacular waterfalls in style. Abseiling through clear flowing cascades is not for the timid. The full trip is usually a half day affair and is only for teenagers/adults. Full day sessions are available for adults only. Wet suits are provided.


Stream Scrambling

For younger families we recommend a woodland stream scramble. Working together you can boulder-hop your way to the top, with small cascades and bridges to go under there is plenty of opportunity to get wet- for those who want to!. Session approx. 2 hrs



In the Trees

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Bushcraft and Backwoods Skills

We run these activities at a variety of levels. Popular is the basic introduction: putting up a shelter, starting a fire with flint/steel, cooking up some basic grub (pizza/pancakes level not bush tucker!). For the more adventurous we recommend a whole day of bushcraft skills culminating in producing a meal on an open fire eating with utensils made in the woods. Sleeping out experiences also available.


High and Low Ropes Courses

Thrills to suit all levels of adventure seeker. High ropes elements come in a number of forms (all require life line belays supervised by a qualified instructor); tree climbs, high all aboard (get 4 people onto a tiny platform at the top of a pole), pamper pole/leap of faith (climb the pole then jump off into space - and let your harness and safety system catch you), crate stack (can you get the stack to 20ft before they collapse - requires teamwork and some initiative)


Tyrollean Pond Crossing

A kind of horizontal abseiling, but if your team don't keep the tension on..... someone is going to get wet! A popular bit of fun. Needs to be combined with another woodland activity like: low ropes, tree climb, crate stack, archery or orienteering to make a half day session



How competitive are you? Great fun for groups or families. Learn the tricks then navigate round the woodland course (look out for deer and squirrels) various levels of challenge to suit all abilities plus a highly competitive score event to really get the adrenaline pumping



Target archery, who fancies they could be Robin Hood? This needs to be combined with another woodland activity like: low ropes, high ropes. Tree climb tyrollean or orienteering to make a half day session.


Zip Wire

Have you got what it takes to takeoff on the High Zipwre? Best combined with another woodland activity to make a half day. Special event? Why not include an indulgent chocolate fondue while you watch your friends fly the wire! 

On the Hill

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Mountain Days

Let the experts take you to interesting places by interesting routes. For beginners who want a flavor of the mountains, or for experienced walkers who want to tackle something a bit more adventurous like, Jacks Rake. For anyone who wants to get off the beaten track and see the best of the Lake District in the company of a knowledgeable expert. You can also develop your navigation skills or learn to use that GPS!


Mountain Scrambles

This has got to be the best way to get off the beaten track and defiantly the most interesting way to ascend a mountain. Choose either an introduction to scrambling and pick up some great tips to help you gain the confidence to become independent in the mountains, or choose a guided trip up a classic scramble in the safe hands of an experienced Mountain Instructor. (Not suitable for young children)


Special Interest Valley Walks

lakes isn't all mountains, there are valleys, woodland glades and secret tarns, all crammed with interesting plants, animals and archeology. Whether it's Coniston Copper Mines and industrial archeology or Beatrix Potter and the wooded slopes above Windermere, there is something of interest for everyone.


Winter Walks

There is very little as special as looking across fells in snow, it is a scene as old as time, yet pristine and untouched.Need to learn how to make best use of your ice axe and crampons? Want to get up high when the world is white? Call us to find out what fells are in condition and what will suit you.


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Cascades and caverns in spectacular settings. Just a few miles from the edge of Lake District, spreading into the Dales, lies the largest most spectacular caving region of the UK. For a truly memorable experience we suggest a trip underground. Enjoy walking down the water worn steam passageways, negotiating series of small cascades to reach passages with spectacular formations including gower pools, stalactites and stalagmites. For the more daring there are waterfalls to descend and narrow passages to explore, all in the safe hands of an expert.



For those with some 'previous' in caving; we offer a range of vertical trips of varying difficulty, including spectacular waterfall abseils, short ladder climbs and small twisty passages.


Lakeland Slate Quarry Experience 

Suitable for families and those who would like an adventurous walk through some short relatively dry passages in the spectacular setting of Cathedral Quarry. For the more adventurous this can be combined with an abseil session.


Mere Mountains Activities

We have activities, adventure days and courses to suit everyone. Most activities are in the south lakes within easy reach of Windermere, Consiton, Ambleside or Keswick. Great for groups, families and friends.

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We have been providing activities in the Lake District for all kinds of clients for over 20 years and are licensed by AALS (the HSE Adventurous Activities Licensing Service) to provide an extensive range of adventurous activities. Our qualifications and experience allow us to offer sessions tailored to teambuilding or other educational/training outcomes and advanced technical 'tips and skills' for those who want to do more with their leisure time. We also run qualification courses