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Bespoke courses designed to meet your needs

Learning Outside the Classroom, Outdoor Education Programmes in the Lake District

Lake District Mobile Outdoor Education Centre

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Adventure and Residential experiences to meet a variety of LOtC educational aims.

Mere Mountains has been delivering bespoke courses to school groups for over 20 years. As qualified teachers we work with you to link outdoor expereinces to your curriculum and school ethos.


Health and Safety

Mere Mountains is an AALA Licenced provider and an member of the Institute for Outdoor Learning.

Our staff are highly experienced and take a skilled apporach which balances adventure challenges with educational benifits.

Highly experienced and qualified staff

Mere Mountains has a vast range of adventure and education staff available from those specialising in early years and disabilities to those providing leavers leadership and strategy courses. We can ensure that the staffing you experience will be tailored to your group. This is outdoor education at its best.

Working together

We know organising LOtC programmes and especially outdoor education residentials can be complex. We work closely with the lead staff to help with the paperwork phase and make the trip as easy as possible.

We can accommodate a wide range of groups

We work with groups ranging from 6 to 160 pupils

Programmes from single day to a full week residential or long term course.

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Take advantage of our flexible approach to length of stay, range of activities and type of accomodation and tailor the course to your needs and budget.

Our flexibility and expereince allows us to work all over the Lake District and help create the type of residential experience you want. The bases we use include self catering units, fully catered hostels or woodland camping.


Our specialist technical and educational experience and local knowledge will ensure the programme matches your needs,

Our Lodge at Humphery head
Bunk houses
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